THAI CHOICE Instant Cup Noodles Tom Yum 60g

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One of the most popular soups in Asia - Tom Yum delicious instant noodles.

Ingredients: Noodles: WHEAT flour (contains GLUTEN), palm oil, thickener: modified tapioca starch E1442, salt, acidity regulator: potassium carbonate E501, sodium carbonate E500, antioxidant: vitamin E307. Ingredients (seasoning mixture): salt, sugar, palm oil, red onion, flavor enhancers: monosodium glutamate E621, disodium 5-ribonucleotides E635, garlic, lemongrass, chilli powder, acidity regulator: citric acid E330, artificial SHRIMP flavoring, lime, dried chives. Ingredients (flavoring paste): palm oil, chilli powder, artificial SHRIMP seasoning, fried red onion, fried lemongrass, fried galangal, fried garlic.

Nutrition information per 100g: energy 416 kcal/1743 kJ, fat 15 g, whereof saturated fat acids 7,5 g; carbohydrates 60 g, whereof sugar 3,33 g; fibre 3,33 g; protein 11,67 g; salt 7,43 g.

Quantity in box: 12 pcs

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