FLYING GOOSE Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce (Green Chilli) 200ml

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Hidden within the depths of this vibrant green sauce is a perfect combination of heat, tanginess and sweetness. Made from the freshest and highest quality green chillies, our Sriracha green chilli sauce is smoothly blended and delicately seasoned to achieve that wonderful flavour that makes it ideal for use on various meats. You can add it to stir-fries, soups, marinades, dipping sauces, and even a Bloody Mary to deliver that touch of fieriness that makes any dish even more savoury.

Ingredients: green chilli 54%, sugar, garlic, salt, water, flavour enhancer: E621, acids:E260, E330, Stabilizer: E415, preservative: E202. This product may contain traces of SOY and MUSTARD.

Nutrition information per 100ml: energy 115 kcal/486 kJ, fat 0 g, whereof saturated fat acids 0 g; carbohydrates 26 g, whereof sugar 22 g; fibre 2,1 g; protein 1,6 g; salt 7,6 g.

Quantity in box: 24 pcs

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